about me

"you photograph pets & children? the two hardest subjects - you must be mad!"

I love the spontaneity, the unpredictability and the challenge that comes with photographing children and animals. Rarely do I ever 'plan' a photo shoot. Locations will be chosen, outfits and props for the kids, squeaky toys and treats packed for the dogs but how my subject will respond is anyone's guess! Some love the camera-others shy away from it. My job is to roll with it, make it work and create something you will treasure forever!

Being an animal lover and a photographer for over ten years it seemed to make sense for Pipsqueaks Photographer Anita Frank to combine her two loves and share it with other people whose pets weren’t just their ‘pet’ but a treasured and beloved family member.

“Having five dogs of my own (yes that’s right five!) I understand how precious it is to capture lifelong memories of our pets especially since they never seem to be with us long enough. I also believe it takes a fellow animal lover to capture your pet’s unique and individual personality, to roll around with them on the ground and accept their kisses and slobber! Photography must come from the heart. It takes patience, perseverance and understanding to capture a subjects inner soul. Just like humans every animal has a different personality and this should show in their portrait.”